2013 so far!

This is my first real post on this blog and I’m super excited to get it started!

2013 has been off to a wonderful start! I spent New Year’s Eve ringing it in with my best friends at a small get together and streaming Widespread Panic’s NYE show live on my phone. Thanks to SiriusXM I was able to hear my favorite band perform a magnificent show! Although I wish I had been there 😦


My last semester in college (scary, I know) has also been great! I am only in 4 classes and they all fall on Tuesday/Thursdays! Since I’m finished with my major classes, now I am just finishing up my business minor and taking 2 electives– should prove to be a fairly easy semester!

Anticipating 2013, I had been thinking about changing my lifestyle and the way that I eat. Since turning 21 last June, I could feel the beer pounds packing on. I was sick of putting fatty foods into my body constantly. So, I decided that when I got back to school I was going to go on a diet. I started it on January 8th and have since lost about 7 pounds.
But before I started it, my roommate and I were reading our horoscope for 2013. What do you know? Mine (Gemini) was ALL about getting healthy! I was thrilled to hear that news because to me it was a sign that I could actually do this and not give up! If anyone knows me, they know that I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I love baking and giving up all these sweets is super hard for me!

So while dieting is extremely hard, I already feel so much better about myself after 2.5 weeks! I also started working out a lot more, which helps keep the weight off, too. My diet mainly consists of lots of fruits and veggies, brown rice, whole wheat cous cous, fish, occasionally chicken and turkey, eggs, nuts, whole wheat tortillas, etc! While it sounds very bland and boring, I have discovered ways to spruce it up and make it so deliciously flavorful! I haven’t had a soft drink in over 2 weeks, THAT is very hard too, I’m addicted to coke (a-cola!)

I did have a “cheat day” on Monday when 2 of my roommates and I went to Gatlinburg for the day! We went to the Titanic Museum (my fav), ate at Smokey Mountain Brewery, walked around and shopped and drove up through the mountains. I got a sick Phish poster that I found at Earthbound. They have recently become one of my favorite bands and I was stoked to find a cool poster of them!


My “cheat meal” at Smokey Mountain Brewery– bacon cheeseburger with BBQ sauce & fries. SO GOOD


Panoramic picture taken with my iPhone 5

I am excited to keep going with the diet and see what type of results I get! I’m hoping to lose around 20 pounds so that I will be bathing suit ready for our Spring Break cruise in March!


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